Saying Goodbye

It's with a heavy heart that I let you know PDF Box will shut down on September 29, 2017.

In fact, you may have noticed that it has been abandoned and not updated for the past half year. All this time I've gone back and forth, debating with myself about whether or not to continue working on this app. There is no single reason why I have finally decided to close it. In short, I just don’t have enough time nor money to continue working on this.

After PDF Box shuts down, you’ll still be able to re-download it from the App Store. It will not be available for new customers and no future updates. I don’t think there’s any immediate danger to continue using this app. Moreover, Plus-feature is open now for everyone for free. But I would recommend the PDF Viewer by PSPDFKit – a great app from my vendor. Their PDF-engine I used all these years under the hood of my app.

It’s hard to believe that PDF Box is four years old. I’m thankful to you for trusting me so many years and for all the love and feedback along the way. I would want to keep in touch with you, and please contact me for anything you like. Or you can subscribe to my newsletter.

Thank you for your support!